The 2nd Exhibition of Hagakure

The Second Exhibition of Hagakure:
Sketches and Shikisis

The works exhibited this time are sketches and shikisis. The titles in bold letters below indicate unpublished works.

Stay in Europe

Ishimoto visited Europe in 1974 through 1975(53 through 54 years old). It was his first experience to touch the Western culture directly. His excitement can be seen through those sketches.


Paris  Old street A moored ship at the Seine    a model of paris

"Paris"(21.7x26.5,1974),"An old street"(21.7x26.5,1974),"A moored ship at the Seine"(26.5x21.7,1974), and "A model of Paris”(45.0x31.0,1974).


Toredo Toledo At Toledo A farawy view of Tpledo

"Toled(32.0x41.0,1975)", "Toledo"(41.0x32.0,1975), "At Toledo"(33.0x26.0,1975), and "A faraway view of Toledo"(32.0x41.0,1975).

Athen and Cairo

The hill of Acropolis  A man carrying a calf on his shoulder  At the Acropolis Art Museum    A tower at Cairo

"The hill of Acropolis"(24.0x33.0,1975), "A man carrying a calf on his shoulder"(34.0x24.0,1975), "At the Acropolis Art Museum"(32.0x41.0,19750), and "A tower at Cairo"(24.0x18.0,1975).

At home

Ishimoto drew Shikisis now and then. The works with square brackets below show Shikisis.


The figure of a tiger The central park The central park Evening glow of Sakura-jima Island

[The figure of a tiger](24.0x27.0, Around 1942), "The central park"(24.0x18.0,1965-1974), "The central park"(24.0x18.0, 1965-1974), and [Evening glow of Sakura-jima Island](24.0x27.0, around 1974).

Still lives

An anemone A kocho-ran A flower A violet

A Japanese quince A calyx

[An anemone](27.0x24.0, 1945-1954), A kocho-ran《(27.0x24.0, 1965-1974), [A flower](27.0x24.0, 1965-1974), "A violet"(24.5x33.0, 1965-1974), [A Japanese quince](27.0x24.0, Around 1974), and [A calyx](27.0x24.0, Around 1974).

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