The First Exhibition of Hagakure

The First Exhibition of Hagakure:
The World of Landscapes

A series of tiny exhibitions are scheduled on this website from now. It is named Hagakure-ten for the old name of Saga, Kyushu. Hideo Ishimoto often painted figures, landscapes, still lives, and so on. The first exhibition sheds light on his landscape paintings. First of all, enjoy watching them without detailed comments, please. As you know, you will have an enlarged image if you make a click on an image. The titles in bold letters below show unpublished works in the past


The evening sunThe opening work of Hagakure-ten is the small piece of "The evening sun"(Hight22cmxWidth16cm, 1933 or so)
, which was painted immediately after his graduation of Tokyo Fine Arts School. The sun is sinking over the forest. Are brother and sister going home in a hurry, or is an elder couple going back from the work at a field? There is a heartwarming atmosphere in the painting.

Next are shown the works in his thirties:

An eucalyptus Wheat autumn A morning at a coal mine Clouds and wheat

which are "An eucalyptus"(117x80, 1939)[SPMAM],"Wheat autumn"(117x91, 1939)[SPMAM],"A morning at a coal mine"(91x117, 1941)[SPMAM], and "Clouds and wheat"(90x116, 1943)[TCJHS] from the head.

He went abroad in his fifties. The works after the travel abroad are as follows:

Rue Cite The  Central Park A faraway view of 'Takachiho' A landscape of 'Hokusan' 'Sakura-jima'

A house at the foot of Holland Slope 'Sakura-jima' of lava Tidal land of 'Ariake' Sea

which are "Rue Cite"(46x53,1964),"The Central Park"(24x34, 1972 or so),"A faraway view of Takachiho"(34x24, 1973 or so),"A landscape of Hokusan"(46x38, 1974 or so) "Sakura-jima "(14x18,1974 or so),"A house at the foot of Holland Slope"(162x146, 1975)[NPAM],"Sakura-jima of lava"(162x112, 1976)", and "Tidal land of Ariake Sea"(65x80, 1985)[SPP].

The rising sun in <a style='font-style:italic'>Ariake</a> SeaHow about the world of landscapes of Hideo Ishimoto? His works were arranged without any consideration on his intension of creation or balance with other works of figures or still life. He will probably be puzzled with such arrangement. One point is coherent : we started the first Hagakure-ten with the evening sun, and so will end it with the rising sun in Ariake Sea.


The owners of the images of square brackets are as follows. The author would like to thanks to their agreement to the appearance of those images:

[NPAM]  Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum
[SPMAM] Saga Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
[SPP]   Saga Prefectural Police
[TCJHS] Taku City Junior High School, Chubu

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