It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Hideo Ishimoto: Art Exhibition of Hagakure. Since he is dead, Naoyuki Okada, who is his son-in-low and controls his works and this website, describes a few words of welcome.

This website is an introduction of Painter Hideo Ishimoto. It is more than twenty years since he died. Many people still love his paintings. The Saga Prefectural Museum and Art Museum(SPMAM) held an art exhibition in memory of the twentieth year after his death. Several thousand people joined it.

SPMAM owns many works of Ishimoto. Museums at Nagasaki, Kagoshima and other organizations or people in Kyushu own his works, either. Further, the Okadas succeeded his works including unpublished ones from the Ishimotos. It is nice for a person to enjoy works of art, but nicer for more people to enjoy them. The control by the Okadas could not be forever, and it is time to take into consideration a measure that more people can enjoy his works and the record can be kept. That is why we open this website.

There are three major pages:

- Profile
Ishimoto has three faces: painter, art educator, and leader of art circles. Each face is introduced.

- Painting style
His style is discussed from the angle of the central art circles.

- Art exhibition of Hagakure
The works centering around Ishimoto are exhibited in a series.

Let us touch the name of Art Exhibition of Hagakue. This name comes from two ideas. One is from his painting spirit. Kenzo Tajika, art critic, says, "Ishimoto’s works express the spirit of Kyushu fully" on the page of Painting Style. We focus our attention on the district of Saga, which was called Hagakue in the old age of Nabeshiama, in Kyushu. The other intends a little broader exhibition. Since Ishimoto was supported by many people at Hagakure, we would like to invite other painters at Hagakure to this series of exhibitions. In other words, the controller of this website aims at a small hall of art on the Internet.

We expect that many people would be acquainted with Ishimoto, and enjoy his works fully.

Naoyuki Okada
Controller of his works and this website

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